BANALE mask is equipped with a system that allows to filter the air before it comes into contact with our respiratory channels. Under normal atmospheric smog conditions the system allows an air filtering for an average duration of about 30 days. Of course, the period of life of the filter is also conditioned by the media of the time and the frequency of daily use that the individual user can do it. BANALE. mask is one size fits all. Once you buy the preferred model, thanks to the “easy-to-fit adjustment system” with elastic cord, the user can adjust the device in accordance with one’s face. BANALE. mask is machine washable. Before inserting it make sure you dropped the filter from the cover. Remember that it is not necessary to wash the cover of BANALE. mask at high temperatures. BANALE. mask is the ideal accessory for those who want to feel free to move without having to suffer the problems caused by breathing the fine dust, pollen and bacteria. With BANALE. mask move in traffic will be a pleasure but in general you will have the chance to live the external spaces in total tranquility. (Cliquez sur le lien détail article pour un devis) (Tarif HT/pce et hors marquage) “Sous réserve de stock” Sur devis uniquement

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