Toothbrush 2

TOOTHBRUSH is projected to be carried wherever, even on a flight. Thanks to the 2 in 1 design it’s complete, compact and fully pocketable. A toothpaste mini pump is integrated into the body. No need to open and squeeze a toothpaste tube. Just push the button of the mini pump directly on the bristles. Ready in 3 seconds. The mini pump has a special airless technology by which the toothpaste doesn’t dry out and when it’s exhausted it can be correctly recycled When TOOHTBRUSH is closed, the bristles are safely protected into the body of the object. High quality plastic materials and a strong locking system makes it the most flexible and resistant portable toothbrush ever created. Both toohpaste and bristles are replaceable. Each mini pump contains up to 50 strips of high quality mint toothpaste. Recharge Pack contains 1 bristle and 3 mini pumps; it lasts 4 months on average depending on frequency of use. It’s easy to keep your TOOTHBRUSH clean and with a good smell. Just remember to shake and dry the bristles after every use. For a deeper cleaning, put into the diswasher the body and the bristles (don’t wash the mini pump). (Cliquez sur le lien détail article pour un devis) (Tarif HT/pce et hors marquage) “Sous réserve de stock” Sur devis uniquement

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